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Exhibition Advertising Bundle

Exhibition Advertising Bundle

Exhibition Extras - Put your Exhibition Advertising into overdrive with our bundle package!

Total Cost only...
£50+VAT £20 off than if you bought each product separately!

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Key Benefits

The Exhibition Advertising Bundle comprises of three very important aspects of advertising at our shows.

The Premium Web listing gets your business seen by the thousands of brides who look to our show site in the run up to the show to help them plan who they will see on the big day; a premium web listing ensures they don't pass your business by as it stands out amongst the standard listing and is put above them too.

The Premium Programme Listing in the Show Guide is handed out to all brides as they enter the wedding exhibition, yours will stand out above the standard listings as its twice the size and has a striking pink box around it to draw their eyes to it. Brides keep this and circle important suppliers to them, so make yours memorable with a premium listing.

Exhibition Screen Advertising at the show means your business is put on TV screens situated throughout the exhibition so brides can't miss it. Tell them where you are and to come visit for any special offers you might have running!

Individually, these products all help in promoting you at our wedding exhibitions, but together they form the perfect advertising package to get your business seen by brides looking to plan their wedding.

And better still, if you were to buy each of these, the total would be £70, so that's a great saving of £20 by purchasing our bundle!

What you get

Premium Web Listing Features
A few paragraphs about you/what you have to offer brides at the exhibition.
• Full contact details so brides can contact you even before the event.
• A hyperlink direct to your site (increases your Google rank)
• A hyperlink to your facebook and twitter pages.
• Your company logo
• Priority over standard listings Your premium listing will appear above the standard listings

Your premium listing remains on the site for one month after the show has finished, giving brides who have visited the chance to get your details should they have forgotten them.

Premium Programme Listing
• Double the space of a standard listing
• Up to 100 words
• Bold offer text
• Company logo
• Company contact details including social media
• One image

This goes in the show guide which is handed to every single bride who attends the exhibition

Exhibition Screen Advertising
• 20 Second still advert to play on a continuous loop throughout the show
• Bold offer text
• Company logo
• Stand Number
• One image

What happens next

You will be sent an email asking you to supply your logo, descriptions and contact details for your listings and screen advert.

Your Premium web listing will be published online straight away,  your advert will appear in the show guide on the day and your advert will be up on the TV screens at the exhibition for all to see.

You can always call our studio direct on 01226 704682.

Nothing will ever be too much trouble.

Your Success is ours

What Customers say

"Busy, but that's good. The brides have been well informed of event, very enjoyable show."

Eternal Images Photography Ltd

"Excellent show plenty of footfall far better than a normal hotel wedding event well worth the money."

Catherine Winstanley - simply cakes

"Professional well attended and organised, just what we need to promote our business."

Susan Payne - PA Jewellery

"We have taken three bookings, it's a great experience. A good number of brides and well supported."

Andrew - Pose Photobooth

"An exceptional team effort at I Do Doncaster from a group that supports us in the most serious to the most trivial matters the best stage show with technicians always adds to an aspiring and growing company."

Kieran - Kate Violin

"Book now you won't regret it."

Nathan Winn

"Have done for the last few years and the results are definitely worth it. Footfall brilliant, brides wanting to book on the day."

Amanda - GJ Photography

"Great customer turn out and great live stage. Excellent place to promote your business, very lively."

Luke - Bawtry Paintball Fields

"After standing last year we knew that it was going to be one of the biggest shows around. It's the wedding exhibition to stand and worth the cost."

PA Jewellery

"A great show that has been well advertised, we'd rather pay the higher prices of the I Do shows as we know the money is being well spent. There is nothing more annoying than spending hundred and £80 on a sure and 50 bride show up all day thanks guys."

HBA photography

What Brides say

"Bring all your bridesmaids, it's a great worthwhile day"

"Fantastic! Had such a great girls day out"

"Brilliant! Got lots of ideas & some things booked - lovely gifts too"

"It was great, my fiance' managed to book wedding cars for our wedding next year, i'm still on the hunt for my wedding dress"

"It was amazing, really enjoyed it, never been to anything like this."

"Fantastic range of things to look at"

"Very good variety of things to plan a wedding"

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